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Stone + Stick Tiny Bubble Necklace

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The most delicate necklace in our collection! One tiny bead adorns this dainty chain. And at only $18, you can afford to add more than one to your collection.

  • Wood & brass
  • 14-16"
  • Handmade in Tennessee
  • STONE+STICK is 100% designed and handmade in the USA. We start with a foundation of wood and brass elements, then work within our neutral color palette to create texture, pattern, and visual interest. Each piece is made in our downtown warehouse, a converted garage and repair shop, in the small town of Baxter, Tennessee (population 1500). 
    Our tight-knit team of friends and family assembles and packages each piece in a space filled with lots of laughter and love, and even more attention to detail. Whether you're drawn to our statement pieces or our simple earrings, know that each piece is designed and crafted with you in mind.